Companionship for emotional well-being

At Ladees Care Ltd we are very familiar of how vital it is to having a companion hence we appoint a Carer for you or your loved one to keep you company.

Ladees Care Ltd we’re a family run firm and know how important to have someone around you is good for your health. We’re close to and part of every client’s care and support plans, making sure they meet both their needs and those of the family.
Our Care Manager has large pool of staff from they can match you with a companion Carer. At Ladees we take the time to find out what you used to love doing but may have lost the opportunity to experience. Whether that was going to concerts, the theatre or simply a game of scrabble, we’ll help you to reconnect them with that passion again.
It is vitally important to keep the family informed if they are involved in your care and support. We want them to know that their loved ones are being looked after well, not just on a physical level but on an emotional level too, providing them with some respite but also peace of mind.

We have a varied number of activities, our companion care will be able to support you, covering:​

• Interesting and engaging conversations
• Making appointment to GPs, Dentist etc and accompanying to attend.
• Going to those events you love attending
• Accompanying on walks & exercises
• Facilitating hobbies
• Meal preparation assistance
• Going to the Post Office some errands and shopping assistance