Supporting you and your family

Our palliative care service page outlines how we deliver this service to you or your loved ones.

Palliative Care

At Ladees Care Ltd we very familiar of how sensitive palliative care is both emotionally and physically hence we appoint a Carer for you or your loved one very carefully. Its vitally important that the Carer be able to provide both psychological and physical care and support needs. The great part is that we have a large pool of experienced and trained Carers who are warm and full of understanding in delivering the care you deserve.
Our Care Manager will pull all strings to ensure that appropriate care on a daily basis is being provided. Our dedicate care team will work with other health professionals in delivering your care such as GPs, Pharmacists, District Nurses and hospices.
Our staff undergo specialist training to be able to look after you in administering medicines and have the necessary contact details of other health services who are essential in providing equipment that may be needed in managing symptoms, manual handling, maintaining dignity and stabilising your conditions as much as possible.

Our well experienced Carer are on hand to give you the emotional support, daily guidance, and helpful suggestions to you as family members who might be facing this for the first time. The objective being to not let the situation cause alarm and panic hence your Carer usable talk you through the general experience of the situation.
Your dedicated and experienced Carer will continue to provide care and support including;

  • Administering pain relief medication
  • Personal care
  • Mobility and exercising
  • Well-being and preparing nutritious meals and hydration