Respite Care Service

We offer temporary care that provides relief to the primary carer. Our respite services are flexible.

Respite Care

This is when a much-deserved break is needed. This comes hand as temporary stop gap for a loved one allowing the Primary Caregiver or Family Carer to take the much-deserved break from their responsibilities.
Our Care Manager will carefully select a carer who is able to hit the ground running to ensure you stay in the comfort of your home and for care to continue at the same level, which avoids the stress of being moved away from your usual routine.
Admittedly respites care has its challenges that every individual’s care and support needs are different and that is why at Ladees Care ltd, we recruit experienced staff and give then excellent training to be able to step in with little notice, when the Primary Care need to take a well-deserved break.

Your Respite Carer is able hit the ground running in delivering your care and support including.
• Meal preparation
• Personal care
• Medication management
• More complex support
• Work with multi-disciplinary health teams