Caring for and Supporting People with Severe or Moderate Learning Disabilities

Individuals with learning disabilities deserve the necessary support to lead their lives in a manner and environment of their choosing. At Ladees Care, we excel in orchestrating and enhancing care and assistance services to perfectly match the needs of each individual.

Learning Disability

Individual evaluations and support plans guide our learning disability support, which may be provided in a Supported Living home, outreach, or day care.  We work to fulfil the needs of those with Asperger’s syndrome, learning impairments, and others on the Autistic spectrum.

We are dedicated to providing a risk-positive and outcome-oriented service. With this in place, the goal is for people to gain control over where and how they live. Positive Behaviour Support, a strategy to understanding and managing presented behaviour, is one component of attaining this.  We provide a customised plan of support to the service user, which may include educational, recreational, and other stimulating activities to enrich their lives. To reach agreed-upon goals, we collaborate with associated support groups, volunteers, friends, families, and other professionals.

Our primary concern

We collaborate with Housing Associations to ensure that our service users’ housing needs are satisfied when they transition to living independently in the community. We also offer benefit assistance to ensure that persons who use our services do not lose their benefits.

Creating support plans based on positive risk-taking and decisions made by the service user, who is empowered to progress on their path to recovery by establishing wise goals.

Accurately obtaining information about the individual’s needs and increasing motivation to reach personal goals through personalised support.

Promoting rehabilitation by increasing self-esteem and confidence by highlighting the individual’s day-to-day progress with regular reviews of specified targets.

In order to counteract isolation, we organise activities that encourage social connection. We provide both practical and emotional help, as well as educational and voluntary  opportunities. Our services range from floating support to 24-hour care and are available on a temporary or long-term basis.