Supported Living

At Ladees Care, we excel in orchestrating and enhancing care and assistance services to perfectly match the needs of each individual.

Our comprehensive approach to service planning and execution encompasses the following aspects:

  • Crafting person-centered care and support plans
  • Catering to the requirements of adults aged 18 to 65, as well as those beyond 65
  • Anticipating forthcoming housing and employment assistance necessities
  • Collaborating closely with service users, families, and care providers
  • Cultivating a skilled, knowledgeable, and empathetic workforce

The Ladees Care Approach to Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities:

Our mission revolves around empowering individuals with diverse learning disabilities and autism to lead lives aligned with their aspirations, attaining heightened independence and accomplishing their dreams.

We specialize in effective communication with those who encounter challenges in expressing themselves. Moreover, we genuinely heed the voices of individuals and their families. Notably, we adeptly provide support to individuals with the most intricate needs and histories marked by “challenging” periods, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into their communities. This empowerment facilitates a broader array of choices, more control over their lives, and the opportunity to embrace an ordinary lifestyle.

Our personalized support always centers on the specific needs, preferences, and aspirations of each person, in harmony with our guiding principles of person-centered thinking, Active Support, and Positive Behavior Support.


Support for positive behaviour

Positive Behaviour Support is used to promote quality of life and decrease the need for harmful and restrictive practises. We are more concerned with the individual and their needs than with the behaviour. We also collaborate with friends and family members to offer the largest possible basis of support for behavioural change.

Person Centered Care

Ladees’ attention is truly personalised and person-centered. We treat those we support with dignity and respect. Support is tailored to each individual’s specific requirements. It is coordinated to ensure a comprehensive approach, and it is enabling, allowing people we support to reach their full potential. We feel it is critical that persons we assist are fully involved in decisions regarding their treatment.


Individuals are encouraged to develop their independence and gain as many new experiences as possible across our services. We prioritise community inclusion by encouraging people to participate in a variety of clubs, socialise, take regular exercise, pursue their interests and hobbies, access training, and, where possible, find voluntary or paid work.

We offer assistance through genuinely tailored person-centred care that values the individual and encourages freedom and the attainment of personal goals. We foster a culture of positive behaviour support based on the ideals of respecting each person’s uniqueness and human rights, rejecting harmful and restrictive practises, and concentrating on the person and their needs rather than the conduct.

Ladees Care works in collaboration with individuals, families, and carers, as well as social care and health professionals, to ensure the highest levels of support, focusing on achieving quality and measurable outcomes for people, such as using comprehensive Health Action plans for health and wellbeing, including mental health, Care and Supporting someone with communication difficulties to obtain the necessary support, and training staff in various communication methods.

Our primary concern

We collaborate with Housing Associations to ensure that our service users’ housing needs are satisfied when they transition to living independently in the community. We also offer benefit assistance to ensure that persons who use our services do not lose their benefits.

Creating support plans based on positive risk-taking and decisions made by the service user, who is empowered to progress on their path to recovery by establishing wise goals.

Accurately obtaining information about the individual’s needs and increasing motivation to reach personal goals through personalised support.

Promoting rehabilitation by increasing self-esteem and confidence by highlighting the individual’s day-to-day progress with regular reviews of specified targets.

In order to counteract isolation, we organise activities that encourage social connection. We provide both practical and emotional help, as well as educational and voluntary  opportunities. Our services range from floating support to 24-hour care and are available on a temporary or long-term basis.