We provide you with private round-the-clock care

Ladees provides strive to provide you with the ultimate live-in care service

Live-in Care

We provide you with private round-the-clock care that allows you to stay in your home for as long as you want. Our Carer will help and support you with personal care and general household tasks allowing you to remain independent.

You will be paired with a professional carer who matches your personality and has the same likes and preferences. This will ensure that they will not only be your Carer but a companion as well.

Ladees Care live-in care offers one-to-one highly personalised and flexible care in the comfort of your home.

We find that Live-in care is the preferred option with Ladees Care when people:

  • Choose to remain independent
  • Prefer the comfort and security of familiar surroundings
  • They want to maintain routines e.g. getting up times and mealtimes
  • Priorities to maintain continuity for family/friends/support networks
    Indeed, want to avoid stress-related to selling their home
  • Do want to keep their pets
    Cherish the memories in their homes/possessions
    Want and appreciate one-to-one care